Founded in 2016, KTO2 Bespoke is approachable modern luxury. A custom design label featuring beautifully handcrafted handbags and accessories in fine croc-embossed leather, KTO2 offers a unique aesthetic with its take on the timeless and the classic, marrying its signature clean lines and shapes with rich textures and colors influenced by the dramatic natural surroundings of Bali. All KTO2 products are meticulously handcrafted with care by our skilled team of talented local artisans.

Inspiration for KTO2 Bespoke comes from a life-long love of fashion and the adventures of living in Hong Kong, Bali, Tokyo, London, NYC and Toronto as well as global travels that have allowed me to embrace the diverse cultures, styles and personalities I've experienced that I infuse into my unique label.

Designed and made in Bali, Indonesia.



Bespoke Only means… no inventory, only your own Bespoke piece, which means… less production, less materials, less shipping…. which means… less waste and less environmental impact.

Handmade Only means…. supports local artisans, suppliers and entrepreneurs and retention of traditional skills.

Bespoke + Handmade Only means… every single KTO2 creation is unique….just like every KTO2 customer.

 With love,