When this little gem was in development stage at the KTO2 design treadmill - we knew we had to create an efficient Shopper, all-rounder here!

So business, meet pleasure. Meet the haute-est tote on the market, the KT02 Shopper.

Its long, lean silhouette is enhanced by contrasting piping that pops against our KT02 signature croc-stamped leather.

Inside, our lips lining makes a cameo and it keeps it all together with a smart snap closure.

Roomy enough to stow my iPad, zip up my keys, wallet and ID, and space to slip my phone into one of the two easy-to-get-to pockets.

When you are looking at a clear winner - this was some of the hot feedback we got from our test audience:

1. Luxury Shopper that looks and feels good.

2. Leather wins hands down for looks and durability.

3. Sleek design

4. iPad and workplace functionality - a huge plus!

5. Easily transitions from work to shopping to drinks and coffee with friends - effortless style and design.

All this from our new luxury Shopper - wow not bad. And after quite a few days of this bag earning my respect - it was also starting to become the bag 'I can't live without!'

And that's what it's all about, after all. All about ease. Tote-suite.

Lets Check out the Shopper