Meet Corinne, making her debut as KTO2 Bespoke's brand ambassador. Like KTO2, Corinne is a forward-thinking, worldly force of nature. Originally from French Mauritia, she was one of my first friends when I arrived on the island of Bali seven years ago.

Corinne's experience as a creative stylist and fashion model with Elite Models in Europe is only the beginning. She's an entrepreneur with more than a few firsts under her well-heeled belt (or should we say heels) :)

From the first cold press juice bar and cafe in Bali (my darling locals may even recognize this beautiful woman from SugarCane Cafe), to the first nail bar using non-toxic and eco-friendly products, Corinne is a thought leader. And she's a champion of KTO2! Her fashion/lifestyle boutique in Canggu, Bali, carried KTO2 Bespoke's Original Dumpling bag, where it was sell-out every season.

Her latest passion, Nomade Sourcing, is Corinne's interior design firm. Through her travels, both locally and across South East Asia, she shares her educated and elevated taste with her clients, while sourcing products that bring her unique spin on interiors, businesses and with other designers.

Kisses, Corinne!

xoxo KT

October 08, 2021 — K T